San Francisco Chapter Code of Conduct  

The San Francisco Chapter of the Western Pension & Benefits Council (WP&BC) believes that pension and benefits professionals have a duty to maintain a high level of technical competence and integrity. To this end, a member of WP&BC should:

  • Act with integrity, competence, dignity and in an ethical manner when dealing with the public, clients, prospects, employers, employees and fellow members.
  • Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect well on members and the pension and benefits profession in general.
  • Strive to maintain and improve their competence and the competence of others in the profession.
  • Use reasonable care and exercise independent professional judgment.

These Guidelines for Member Conduct (Guidelines) identify certain ethical standards by which all members of the WP&BC should abide.

Use Of WP&BC Member Data 

The WP&BC maintains membership data (or records) in a variety of ways, including hardcopy rosters and databases including an Online Roster. Membership data includes telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and physical mailing addresses. A WP&BC member may use WP&BC Member data to obtain contact information for other members, provided that the member has a specific purpose for contacting the other member, and that the member reasonably believes that the other member will welcome the contact. A WP&BC member shall not use WP&BC Member data to conduct broad-based solicitations for services, product sales, advertisements, employment opportunities, or any other purpose. Additionally, a WP&BC member shall not publish contact information from WP&BC Member data, or otherwise disseminate Member data to any individual or organization that is not a member of WP&BC. A member who violates this guideline shall be subject to disciplinary procedures, which may include expulsion from the WP&BC.

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